Art and Coffee

What would the world be without art? Without coffee? In this world, we have both, and it's amazing. Come to the coffeehouse and play with art, for free one can color with adult coloring pages and markers or colored pencils.  If you want to paint, then open paint is ALL OPEN HOURS. There is no age limit on the painters/artists age. It's a great daytime activity to bring your child in and leave the mess here with us!

Art Studio

Smoothie Bar

We are a new establishment, and smoothies are king! Healthy smoothies with protein or without. You can create your own or pick one from the menu. Almond, coconut, whole milk, take your pick 🙂
We're trying to create a menu of healthy choices an items (as well as some cookies and muffins).  Of course there are PLENTY of unhealthy smoothies to choose from as well, or build your own unhealthy combo.

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Birthday/Paint Parties

YES, birthday parties are still a thing here at The Paint Circle side of business! If you want to have your child's birthday party here or a family gathering just give the studio a call!

There will be no more 'in house' BYOB paint parties, as the town requires places that serve food to not be BYOB (we are working on the license for this)... BUT kids parties and ART CLASSES are still on the calendar! check it out at link below!

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Art Studio and Coffeehouse: A unique experience

Since 2013 The Paint Circle has been establishing itself as Northborough's art and party place, a great environment to chill out and have a birthday party or office party event, fun and comfortable.

Last year a coffeehouse seemed to push it's way into the space, and here it is... completely realized and running, it is a WORK IN PROGRESS, meaning menu will be changed and added to as we find what works and what doesn't! WE LOVE SUGGESTIONS! (food or otherwise), and even though there is a muffin case of freshly baked goods, the bigger focus is on healthier food items.  Specialty muffins are in the works, right now we have an amazing egg-free, diary-free, nut free chocolate muffin for special food need kids and adults, and there are gluten-free muffins as well!