Studio Approach

For me, there is nothing more exciting than getting your hands dirty, doing something artistic, creating and coming out with something and being able to say: I DID THAT! I do not believe that one should ever limit themselves to someone else's definition of who you are, or are not "I'm not an artist".... why not? did you have fun doing it? It may or may not be something you display on your mantle, but it's the process more than the result. (and you may surprise yourself!)

Meet the Team

Everyone has people who have helped them and stood beside them on the way, I cannot thanks my friends and family enough for their love and support. For right now, I'm a divorced mom and my boys have to put up with me dragging them to the studio to work through the years (sounds awful being dragged to an art studio...but yes, for them it fairly was). They are great helpers (sometimes) and I'm doing this all for them (us) so we can have a life where we set our own limits and boundaries on what we do.

Leisu Scheperle


After 8 years of service in the Air Force, moved to Boston and got BFA from The Art Institute of Boston.  Started a 'handywoman' business while in college and learned how to do just about anything concerning fixing houses. The studio is a life long dream come true, and both great coffee and and fun art are a big passion!

Reece Kirby

Commander Wanna Be

Reece is my right-hand, he is always ready to take the lead. He is an amazing host and very responsible all around great kid. He will be an amazing barista soon. (as soon as he stops playing with the steam wand and probably burning himself)

Devin Kirby

Coffee Lover

Devin loves coffee. And fidgeting with stuff. He will be found bopping around the studio avoiding work at all costs.