291 Coffeehouse and The Paint Circle is a joint adventure of art and coffee, where you can come paint, or have coffee or a frappe (or smoothie) or do both! Bring your kids and set them up to paint or draw while you sip a coffee. Use the wifi while your kids doodle. It's all good, a create environment filled with art and coffee (i.e., the perfect world)

How does open painting work?

Ask for a canvas and paints, we will set you up: you can either paint on your own with your own ideas, use a pre-drawn canvas and 'color' with paints, have us draw what you want to paint, or just copy something we have and we will give you advice on how to step through it!

Will you do private art classes?

Yes, call the studio for information.

Do you have customer service?

Customer service is a HIGH priority at the coffeehouse/studio (studeehouse? lol) please contact Leisu if you are unhappy in any way.